Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Milk! ~Updated~


The great part about this deal is, you can buy the Smart Option kind which is Foodlion brand.
At my store it is 2.39, Use the 1.00 Guiding Star flip and you pay 1.39 a gallon.
Get the 7th Free!
Total Spent-8.34
Total Saved-8.39, So half price milk!
Another thing you can do is, Add a Smart Option Personal pizza, they are regular .99, on sale for .50.
So 2.39+.50=2.89
-1.00 Guiding Star Flip
-1.00 Smart Option Flip
=.89 For a Gallon of Milk and A Pizza.
So that x6=6.23
So for 6.23 you get 7 gallons of milk and 6 personal Pizza's!
You save 11.39 if you do that.


Brandy said...

That's what I've been doing! Except our milk is $2.59 & a couple of times I've also used the $1/$3 Smart Option FLIP by adding one of the SO pizzas that is on sale for .50.

Sweetpea101506 said...

Wow! That's an awesome deal! I wish I had a FL near me!

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