Sunday, August 9, 2009

FLIP Pdf's

You can find all of the Foodlion Flips, in PDF form here.

Now a trick to saving ink is.

When you save the pdf, open it in Adobe. Once your pdf of the Foodlion coupons loads. Click the button with a camera. Now put a box around the one you want to print. It will say "The selected area has been saved to the Clipboard" Hit OK and then Print. It does print the coupon in the middle of the page. But hey! Paper is cheaper than ink!

Now, I know this may be frowned on by others because Foodlion says you must print the sheet as they send it to you. But most people get overage, which Foodlion says your not suppose to. Most people also combine Flips with Manuf. Coupons, which Foodlion also says your not suppose to do.
My personal Foodlion says Yes to Overage, and Yes to Combing Flips with Manfu. So I say go for it.
It really depends on you, if you feel right doing it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on printing just "one" flip! I actually do have a massive amount of paper, but I can't afford to waste ink. Even getting it refilled @ Walgreens, it still cost $12!
Much appreciated!!


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